How Going Vegan Can Give You Cheaper Life Insurance!

In recent years, the rise of veganism has been incredible. Many counties now estimate that there is around 1-3% of their population following a vegan diet, while conservative estimates suggest that there are at least 75,000,000 (and growing) vegans living globally.

There are many reasons why people are ditching their former meat-eating ways, from preventing animal cruelty to reducing their carbon footprint. However, the most popular reason for seeking a vegan lifestyle is to take advantage of the many health benefits that it can offer.

The healthy side of eating…

There are several health benefits to following a vegan diet. Research has shown that veganism can help to reduce the risk of mortality of any cause by 15%, thanks to a number of changes in the food that you are consuming.

Following a vegan diet provides you with a wider variety of nutrients when compared to a typical Western diet, which helps you to lose weight, lower blood sugar, and improve kidney function. Research has also shown that veganism can significantly reduce the chances of developing or dying from certain types of cancer by up to 15%.

Further research has shown that someone who is following a vegan diet will be able to lower their blood pressure by up to 75%, which in turn means they have a 42% lower risk of developing heart disease. Compared to meat-eaters, vegans also have a lower risk of developing arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases typically associated with aging.

How a vegan diet is leading to cheaper insurance

With so many benefits of following a vegan and vegetarian diet, many insurance providers are beginning to realize that it is no longer viable to offer life insurance at the same rate as they do for meat-eaters.

When it comes to purchasing a life insurance policy, the premium is based on a number of different factors:

Your Age

The older you are, the higher your insurance premiums will be.

Your cover

The overall premium will depend on the level of cover that you are looking to protect yourself with.

Selected term

The longer the duration you are seeking, the higher the cost will be.

Medical history

Your prior medical history is vital in letting insurers determine your overall risk.


Now while the prior four categories are the same for meat-eaters and vegans alike, it is the fifth category where those following a vegan diet means you are a much lower risk. Not only is someone more likely to be at a lower risk of facing serious illness, but research has shown that vegans and vegetarians are able to lower their premiums even further as they are:

  • Less likely to frequently drink alcohol in excess or take recreational drugs, meaning they are less likely to make more dangerous decisions
  • Less likely to drive fast cars or ride motorcycles, decreasing their risk of injuring themselves in a road traffic accident.
  • Be more likely to live a healthier lifestyle, look after themselves better, and participate in lower risk pastimes and hobbies.

As more people around the world switch to a vegan diet, insurance companies are tailoring their packages to suit this changing lifestyle. Thanks to these new insurance products, a young, healthy 35-year-old vegan looking for a twenty-year life insurance policy would be able to save around 200% compared to the same policy for a meat-eater in the same health condition!

So if you are thinking of switching to a vegan lifestyle, not only can you improve your health, but it could also save you money!

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