How To Maintain Balance as a Student


Of course there are plenty of exceptions, but it’s safe to say that most students find balance difficult to maintain; be that with money, with time, with energy, with attention. Students don’t always find things so easy. And perhaps some would say we’re just lazy or our sense of entitlement is too strong or we’re just a bunch of weak snowflakes who have got too comfortable and can’t deal with the real world. And perhaps they’re right. But as students and young people in today’s world, if we’re being honest with ourselves, we know that all of the above issues are simply manifestations of unbalanced people who are still unsure about life; we are not inherently unstable or weak. We’re just not sure about life just yet.

Putting it simply, and this isn’t unique to students or young people, the fundamental issue is that we don’t know how to use the tools we have for life. And to make that worse, we are also so identified with those tools that when they don’t work as we want them to, we get all anxious and depressed. But when we don’t know how the tools work, how can we expect them to work in the way we want them to?

This is all that is happening, we call it many names – anxiety, depression etc. – but all that is happening is that our intelligence isn’t working for us because we don’t know how to use it nor do we provide a stable base from which it can work and in which it can trust.

This is the only work that needs to be done, because in understanding who we are, we are becoming conscious beings rather than accidental ones and when we are conscious, we don’t need to be taught morality or right and wrong. We simply live joyfully as is needed. This is possible for anyone and I wish for this to be your experience of life, too; regardless of whether you’re a student or a great-grandparent to one. This experience of life is possible.

If this has sparked something in you, I recommend you search ‘Sadhguru’ on YouTube and watch some of what he has posted.

He will add fuel to the fire which has been sparked inside you and give you tools to learn how to use your mind, body, emotions, energy, attention and so on in the way they work so that you really can become a more conscious, balanced and joyful person, and this in anyone’s eyes should be what success means.

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  1. I hope this provides you with something useful for your own life and a big thank you to FIRE Forum for the feature – I hope you have a lovely day!
    – Jack