7 Side Hustle Ideas UK (and USA)

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Turn your gear into cash

If your a professional (or even amateur) photographer then you will probably have equipment sitting around doing nothing and just gathering dust. There are a number of sites that can help you rent out the equipment and make some money. This side hustle will involve a little bit of work to set up and operate but you have already paid for the equipment so this will help you generate money from your assets. Sharegrid operates in 50 US states. To signup to Sharegrid and get $20 off your first rental click here

But what about me I’m in the UK we hear you cry, well Sharegrid acquired BorrowFox a UK equivalent and you can sign up for early access here

Kitsplit has a very similar offering to Sharegrid. You list your gear on KitSplit and rent to other vetted, fully insured professionals. On both of these website please make sure you get your gear properly insured.

Wrap it up

If you drive alot for a living then there might be a way to make money while you are driving. Wrapify will wrap your car in an removable advert and you will be paid per mile. Your car needs to be a certain age and you can’t have any citations on your DL. It has a simple 8 step process;

  • STEP 1: Download the app from your phone’s app store.
  • STEP 2: Drive 50 qualifying miles of your normal, everyday commute.
  • STEP 3: Review/Accept campaign offer.
  • STEP 4: Agree to Driver Terms and Conditions and submit a basic background check.
  • STEP 5: Take 4 pics of your car from the app. (front, back and each side)
  • STEP 6: Select an install shop location, date and time.
  • STEP 7: Drop your car off for your install appointment.

The numbers look good as well. If you are already doing the miles then you don’t really have anything to lose;

  • For lite coverage, we estimate $196-280 per month.
  • For partial coverage, we estimate $196-280 per month.
  • For full coverage, we estimate $264-452 per month.

The UK equivalent is called Car Quids and they recon that you can get paid up to £100 a month for advertising on your car. As with Wrapify your car will need to be 2009 or newer and your licence needs to be clean as a whistle. With this side hustle they both advise speaking with your insurers before agreeing to have the adverts applied.

The second month of our MidKent College campaign is underway and the cars are looking good!

Posted by Car Quids on Monday, 2 September 2019

Another car side hustle

Think AirBnB for cars and you have Turo. It’s one of the largest car. They also have a very clever carculator that will estimate what your car could generate for you in a month. If your car is parked up most of the time then this one could be a winner.

List your car for free Share your truck, sports car, or anything in between. Listing takes about 10 minutes and is free — no sign-up charges, no monthly fees. You lay the ground rules and customize when your car is available. Set your own daily price, or let Turo automatically adjust your price to maximize your earnings. When a guest books your car, you’ll confirm where and how to hand over the keys before the trip. You get paid via direct deposit within three days after each trip. You will earn between 65% – 85% of the trip price, depending on the vehicle protection plan you choose

Sell your images

If you’re an experienced photographer, you could sell your photos online to earn some extra cash. We suggest you start out somewhere like Pixaby or Unsplash and gain confidence and see what people actually download/require. Then move onto Shuttershock, where you get paid every time someone downloads one of your images.

side hustle

You could also sell stock photos if you wished to, which are often purchased in batches by website owners, bloggers and businesses.

Creative types

If your one of these creative types then you are very, very lucky. There are lots of site where you can let your creative juices flow and earn some extra dollar. Society6 is just one of them. After a quick and painless (costs £1 or $1 on PayPal) verification you can upload your images/artwork. The beauty of Society6 is you can set your own markup on what you sell. So you really are in control.

society6 markup

Etsy was probably the original store for selling but there are a number of new young upstarts catching it up. Redbubble has over 700,000 artists making everything from shirts and stickers to phone cases.


If you like dogs then this is the one for you. Become a dog walker! Look out for our separate blog post on this in the next week.

Tutor or Teach

If you’re already a teacher, tutoring could be a very lucrative side hustle idea. You’ll be utilising your existing skill set, and will be familiar with the current school curriculum. But you don’t just need to have a qualification you just need to think outside the box.

You might have a skill that you can monetise if you need some inspiration;

This company sell handstand courses Handstandfactory

Gregor Kiock is the teacher of Object Manipulation at Codarts Circus Arts. He teaches juggling.

If you’re good with languages (or English isn’t your first language) you could even teach people online. With Italki they have two types of teachers; Professional teachers that have training as educators and/or extensive professional teaching experience and secondly Community tutors are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and use their time to provide students with conversation practice.

Create a course

Skillshare is one of the largest online learning community for creatives. You will need a camera (to record your course) but this could be borrowed for the day. Have a look at the these are just some of the real life courses we found

Welcoming Witchcraft into All Areas of Life

Mushrooms 3 Ways

Declutter and Take Control of Your – Food Storage

We hope you found these suggestions useful. If you have any other ideas please add them in the comments below.

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