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  • When to invest, where to hold and how to make it.
  • How have COVID-19 affected your saving & retirement strategy?
  • If it doesn’t belong in the other sections. Just put it in here.
  • Discussions of banking, insurance costs, mutual funds/investing, asset allocations and almost anything else financial.
  • lady on a bike
    Where to visit, Which countries are great for retirement?
  • Genuine opportunities and advice only please! Definitely no get rich quick schemes
  • How to you manage and track you goals, so they turn into reality? What apps and software have you used?
  • Discussions about individual stocks or other investments, stock analysis, and market timing. Share your strategy or get advice about…
  • You don’t want to start thinking about retirement in your teenage years. But you really should!
  • Shower us with you life hacks and frugal tips to make that money go a little further.
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